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Database search
& Analytics

  • Elasticsearch on unstructured data
  • 90X faster search


Business growth and technology advancements have resulted in growing amount of enterprise data. There are many sources that predict the size of the digital universe to double every two years at least, a 50-fold growth from 2010 to 2020. Human- and machine-generated data is experiencing an overall 10x faster growth rate than traditional business data, and machine data (sensor data) is increasing even more rapidly at 50x the growth rate.

In order to gain competitive advantage, Business demand the capability of performing analytics to extract insights from data through near real-time search performance. Solution provides a mechanism for a DBMS to seamlessly harness the FPGA Compute power and Discover events significantly faster using Xilinx Alveo without requiring any changes in the application or the existing data layout

Product Highlights

The Application Suite and the Alveo™ data center accelerator card
  • Does not require any code changes.
  • Automated programming of applications onto the Alveo™ accelerator card The result is lower risk and faster time to production.
  • Accelerates every step of a Big Data Pipeline, achieving the highest levels of end-to-end speedup
  • Leverages both CPU and FPGA hardware simultaneously to provide optimal performance.
Product Highlights

Solution Overview

Solution automates the process of acceleration for the users of big data platforms. It is comprised of compiler technology for software acceleration via native C++, and FPGA acceleration templates. The automatic compilation of user code for acceleration yields higher factor in performance.



Acceleration technology enables customers to run their models up to an order of magnitude faster to achieve their business objectives. This is especially important in delay sensitive applications that require a much smaller time scale.

TCO Savings

Doing more with less. Companies want to expand their analytics applications, run them more frequently and leverage larger data sets. But each of these translate to major increase in infrastructure cost. This Acceleration solution can result in savings of 30-70%.

Faster pace of innovation

The scarcity and cost of employing Data Scientists limits the pace of innovation in enterprises. Acceleration of workloads during development and operation frees up Data Scientists to take on more innovative initiatives, driving competitive advantage.
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