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Genomics is projected to produce 40 Exabyte of data annually by 2025, as the latest genomic sequencers generate 2 or more terabytes of data daily. More data opens the opportunity to improved patient care with a caveat. Bio Informaticians and researchers face the dual challenge of having to accelerate workloads to achieve quick and timely results while performing cost-effective analysis.

Application leverages Xilinx FPGAs to provide a fast, automated and cost-effective framework to accelerate genomics pipelines for secondary sequencing analysis. Speed and accuracy are key requirements in genomics secondary sequencing. For a consistent and accurate analysis, the Broad Institute developed a set of pipelines that have been established as the industry standard in the field of genomics. Their pipeline takes over 50hrs to run a whole genome and hence the need for acceleration. With the mentioned Application, bio informaticians can run 10x faster while getting the exact same results as they would without acceleration as there are no source code changes.

Product Highlights

  • The application work seamlessly on local cloud/public cloud with the Alveo™ Acceleration Card
  • 10x Speed up over original GATK pipelines
  • Single acceleration platform across clouds
  • Support for multiple GATK versions for germline & somatic pipelines
Product Highlights

Solution Overview

Secondary sequencing is the process of cleaning up data coming out of the sequencer and aligning it to a reference genome to identify variants that can be linked to diseases or other unique characteristics. Using the industry standard GATK pipelines could take over 50hrs to finish this process. This solution leverages Xilinx FPGAs to do it a fraction of the time.


Cost and performance efficient

10x productivity compared to manual FPGA optimization

Consistent performance across available platforms with Xilinx FPGAs

Delivers time and cost effective genome analysis on industry standard GATK pipelines

Supports multiple GATK versions for germline and somatic pipelines

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Global Innovation Park, CP-07, IMT Manesar,
Sector-8, Gurugram
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