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Secure Socket Layer

Network Accelerator


Network Accelerator for crypto is ideal for offloading the TCP Stack and Cryptographic algorithms. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and SSL network communication imposes overhead on the processor, which handles workload computing tasks. This processing overhead increases when data centers adopt high-bandwidth. To free the CPU from overhead networking tasks, the network controller took over processing the entire TCP/IP stack and crypto operations on Alveo.

Product Highlights

  • Xilinx® Alveo™ Card offloads the SSL part to FPGA
  • Card solutions can save CPU by offloading the tasks
  • Card offers ideal platform of acceleration of network Functions
Product Highlights

Solution Overview

Maximum bandwidth delivered with low latency

Lesser RAM and CPU core requirement

TCP Offload Engine processes ARP, ICMP, IGMP Packets without host involvement

32-bit AXI-4 lite slave control interface for MAC and TCP configuration

DMA operations performed using Xilinx QDMA IP

The FPGA crypto block work in line with the Host CPU

TLSv1.2 Application data inline support

The TLS control plane is handled by host stack, required details for data plane will be offloaded to the HW solution from the software during the TLS handshake process

The inbuilt solution available in our solution, helps any insecure application to work on a secure environment without application overheads for TLSv1.2


Provides FPGA based system with very fast and scalable hardware cryptography and security

Supports Symmetric and Asymmetric operations

Supports look-aside and In-line mode

Multiple connection support by TCP offload engine

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Global Innovation Park, CP-07, IMT Manesar,
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