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Video is a most dominant data type across many areas and applications, uninterrupted flow of video is critical in such cases. Video service providers are faced with the challenge of simultaneously managing infrastructure and improving customer Quality of Experience. These challenges have prompted the need for adaptable hardware acceleration.

Challenges like effective video distribution, managing bandwidth and Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming protocols. These approaches yield efficient results but increase computational complexity. A solution is build that would supply the necessary performance without requiring customers to significantly alter their existing infrastructure. We are delivering an Alveo™ accelerated real-time H.264 to HEVC or VP9 ABR transcoder.

Product Highlights

  • Highest quality live encoding (equal to x265 slow preset)
  • High performance HEVC & VP9 encoders
  • Fully configured transcoding pipeline
  • Accelerated encoding with no host CPU requirements
  • 32 simultaneously independent encoded streams on a single Alveo™ accelerator card
  • Simple API based on Ffmpeg industry standard
Product Highlights

Solution Overview

Software Applications provide the highest performance at the system level. Meticulous workload profiling ensured intelligent functional partitioning between the host CPU and the Alveo™ accelerator card. FFmpeg plug-in support enables customers to integrate the Alveo™ accelerator card and software into their solution with ease. The solution can be fully controlled through a standard command line window.


1080p60 real-time encoding with better quality than x265 ‘slow’ preset

10X lower power consumption than CPU/GPU

Consistent output quality, independent of number of encoding channels

FFmpeg plugins for Decoder, Scaler, and Encoders

Built-in multi-pass encoding

Flexible multiple ABR outputs with up to 32 streams with a single instance

Constant bitrate (CBR), capped VBR, and ABR modes

Bitrates: Configurable from 100 Kb/s to 40 Mb/s

Latency: Configurable from 1 second to 4 seconds

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Global Innovation Park, CP-07, IMT Manesar,
Sector-8, Gurugram
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